A good end for a great new beginning!

Hello Everyone,

An incredible year for EGA and me is coming to an end.

For a year, we made sure that people all around the world had the chance of trying, while having fun, a project that 15 months ago was just nothing more than a dream in a drawer. This experience taught us that, rather than money, the most important things to make something beautiful are good will, determination, persistence and the courage to get out there.

Prosperity – Italy 1434 was our pilot project, for which we did everything to understand the common gaming bases; we did a lot for this game and we decided to invest in it again, redoing it from scratch. The success gained in visibility and real downloads gave us reason to believe that the idea underneath the game was really good, but yet the graphics were weak. Moreover, the fact that a complete tutorial was missing clipped a bit the wings of this project. We did every possible effort to meet anyone needs when asking for information or exposing their doubts and suggestions. Our set-in-advance prerogative, of being always ready to answer, proved itself very helpful.

But that’s still not enough and that’s the reason why…

…we are investing in a completely new game engine that will let us create Prosperity for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and PC.
…we are aiming at an entirely user-friendly graphic.
…we are thinking about inserting a tutorial for beginners, which would help players taking their first steps into the game.

How will it be the new Prosperity, you may ask. I won’t answer right away, but I assure you that I love it and, as it comes into shape, it gets more and more a strategy/management game that will drive you crazy!

In Mercantia – Italy 1252, instead, our second project, the player’s goals will be clear from the start. History will always rule over everything, even if Mercantia is of a different kind from Prosperity, more traditional, with 60 different playing levels and 3 different game modes.The Kickstarter funding campaign will close tonight and, in addition to the achievement of our budget goal, the thing that makes us really happy is the number of backers, which has almost doubled since Prosperity.

This is another clear sign of the trust you keep giving us.

Our goals for 2016 are very clear to us. Our staff has grown bigger, we received acknowledgements and new people can wear the jersey in our colors. We know that in the world of independent video games everybody is out for their pound of flesh and that being able to build up a reputation is almost impossible, but we believe we can do it, if we stay true to ourselves. EGA will plunge itself into the troubled waters of board games with a home version of Prosperity for which we are eager to announce that there will be Kickstarter campaign too! We are pretty sure of developing a third game, set even further back in years, over Langobards.

We are facing months of really hard development, testing and, as always, fun!

We wish all the people revolving around EGA a happy and peaceful 2016.
Maurizio, Lynne and Sandro – Co-founders of EGA, Valentina, Chiara, Clizia, Filippo, Davide, Antonella, Giorgia, Silvia, Rudy and Alessandro.