Prosperity – Italy 1434

logo_prosperity_corners_250Prosperity – Italy 1434
The middle ages are back!

Become the Lord of Prosperity and transform the village into a powerful fortress with the help of master craftsmen under your rule. But be careful, because danger is always lurking: plagues, famine, enemy attacks, and deceit could bring your precious Prosperity to shambles!

Your two great strengths in the game will be the Papacy and the Empire dominating the political scene. The choice is yours: gain strength and power by remaining neutral or join forces with one of the two sides!

Spy, attack and conquer: in the game there are towers, abbeys, and the biggest cities of central Italy. Use your wit and ability as you defend them! Use your best strategic skills to combat enemy attacks and protect your kingdom, but be wise in choosing your allies, as they too may reveal themselves to be treacherous…

Move all of your players, both nobles and commoners, while building your army: finally destiny is in your hands!
When you are tired of battle, take a break to play dice or distract yourself with a jester’s performance: even with entertainment your fortune will continue to grow!

Live out your adventures in the marvelous scenery of 1434 Italy, finely reconstructed thanks to the work of historians and academics. You will be able to experience medieval life in its most minute details, observing the political and social dynamics of the time period and choosing from hundreds of weapons and armor to equip your army, as well as your Champion who will win tournaments and conquer hearts, just for you!

Innovation in gameplay and the rediscovery of an exciting past: in 1434 Prosperity, Italy these two elements are fused together, creating a dynamic that has never been seen before. Just reach out and grab your sword…. the Middle Ages await you!


Prosperity Italy 1434 is released by Entertainment Game Apps, Inc.

Project Leader
Maurizio Amoroso – Brahne

Historical Content
Valentina Nastasi – Ahral
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Eleonora Pedrieri
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Edoardo Micheli – Edrick

Antonio Federico
Jobbe 3.14 soundesign
Andrea Giachini

Video and Photo Producer
AUTT Production

Francesca Bocci
Jessica Volpe
Matthew Huylar

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