A dream called Prosperity – Italy 1434

In the new global world, in which distances are reduced by technology, it’s easy to think that all the products aren’t made in Italy. We are used to criticize our country, so we often forget how much beauty and greatness is here and Italians’ talents.

Maurizio is 41 years old. After spending 15 years working in the IT sector, in this critical period, he decided to realize his own dream: a historical video-game for mobile phones.
In January 2014, he set up a team, which is  made up of designers and programmers, but also including history and medieval archaeology experts. What happens when technology, fiction and reality work together? The result, coming from Maurizio’s idea and from the passion and skills of all his team, is “Prosperity – Italy 1434”.

Prosperity is an on line role-playing game, that presents/shows/introduces to users Italian Medieval History. The Middle Age is not a random choice. Maurizio says: “All the world is interested in what we were in that period. We were the centre of the world, so I decided to bet all on that.

We have some curiosities about this game/project: all the contents are real, based on recorded historical facts; the economic system has been accurately re-created as well as the life perspective of characters. The game is expected to be available in the iOs and Android stores in December 2014 but we might see a preview in October. However,  good idea and a sheer strength of will are not enough to realize a dream like “Prosperity – Italy 1434”, because of the economic crisis.

A campaign began on kickstarter.com where you can offer a donation, in order to help Maurizio and his team, within the 28 September 2014.

You can also follow the  development of the project on the official website: http://egameapps.com and on the Official Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/egameapps.

You can find the link for the contributions to this project here:

Let’s help our Italy appear in the most authentic way, realizing the projects and the dreams of skilful people, remembering our history and teaching it to those who don’t know. If  we can do that, enjoying ourselves,  we will all win.

Chiara Cucinotta