Prosperity – Italy 1434 – A new era for Game Master

game_master_piccoloIn Prosperity we wanted to introduce a concept that has been lost in time: that of the “Creator” Game Master, a figure (in its current state we have already selected three withyears and years of experience with MUDs and in D&D) that will be a constant part of Prosperity’s active players.

These figures will have access to a control panel on the web that will allow them to insert an object, such as a town, a castle, a tower, a house, or a market into certain locations within the game map.

These objects may have additional objects tied to them (for example a town and its shops), each of which could have even more objects inserted into the NPG, each having its own physical and personal traits managed by the life simulator, with the possibility of managing each NPG’s inventory (armor, weapons, items to sell, coins, etc.).

Finally, to more dynamically render the mechanics of Game Master, he or she will be given the possibility to edit both the singular mission and the entire sequence of missions, including prerequisites and rewards. All this, naturally, is tied to the year and characteristics of 1434, so don’t even think about seeing dragons or other fantastic objects!

Loyalty to the objects, actions and people present at that time in history is a virtue not to be lost by the creators of Prosperity, therefore each GM will be supervised by a historical consultant that will approve the release of the objects on the production servers of the game.