Prosperity – Italy 1434 – A Simulation of Medieval Life

simulatore vita_piccolo

Prosperity – Italy 1434 goes beyond the simple role playing we are used to in games, having succeeded in, among other things, a true simulation of medieval life. The algorithm reaches a level of great fidelity thanks to the work of a team of experts specialized in the fields of history, statistics, and programming.

Every single inhabitant of villages, towns and monasteries is associated with a personalized element (an “object” in technical terms)…  which gathers the characteristics of that individual (age, health status, work, etc.) and enables him/her to perform independent actions. In so doing, even characters who are not involved in gameplay will live within the game just as a real person of the time! All parameters have been adjusted to meet typical levels of medieval life, even natural phenomena, uprisings, famine, epidemics, and wars will be introduced according to an algorithm that determines the timing of actions and events.

Rest assured, however, that the parameter of chance will not be absent from the game. Its presence will ensure a simulation of life at 100%. Furthermore, thanks to an independent motor, the variables inserted will influence the life and development of the player’s activities, both online and offline.  Prosperity, therefore, does not just want to be a simple game, but a way to observe the Middle Ages and live them firsthand, just as they were.