FAQ – How do the battles work in Prosperity?

After the previous articles about the economic system (HERE), the alliances (HERE) and the assassins missions (HERE), today we get into the hot topics! In a game of strategy and conquer like Prosperity – Italy 1434, it is fundamental to understand how battles work and how they have to be fought.

Despite not being mandatory, engaging battles and trying to conquer places is convenient, besides being fundamental to receive an immediate bonus, that changes according to the value of the war. These bonuses vary because of the standing and/or the wealth of the city/objective.

These actions pertain to the first master on bottom left of the screen: Master of Arms.
Once hired, he will keep the count of me, weapons and armours. He will give you the possibility to hire mercenary companies and control the conquered territories. Furthermore, engaging battles will give you the possibility to increase the Master’s experience level. This will have a positive influence on the percentage of actions that can be successfully accomplished, more easily recruiting armed forces in the conquered territories, reporting lower percentage of damage endured and allowing to engage more attacks at the same time.

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When you choose an objective, it is necessary to send spies to observe the defense systems of the of that city, in order to get ready to attack. On the spying report you will receive when action is completed, you will see indicated the forces and weapons ncecessary to fight, besides any famous character present at the moment (useful for the assassins missions – see above).

Once you evaluated the report, you will need to build an adequate army.

You will be able to do it in different ways:

  • completing the missions sent to you (in the rewards a few recruits are included);
  • recruiting mercenary companies (see above, possible through the Master of Arms);
  • recruiting soldiers directly in the inns or in the Captain’s palace in the big cities;
  • arresting enemies after a battle you won.

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Another must-have: the right percentage of siege weaponry. There are several types, that can be bought in the shops in the city. They are fundamental to assault an objective, reducing the damage. Of course you should also equip your men with the appropriate weapons and armours.

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Once the army is formed, you can engage battle! Take into account the weather, as well: this will lower the defense and the well-being of the objectives.

When the army is sent, there is nothing else to do, but wait the battle to finish, in order to receive a report that will state the cost, booty and the outcome. If it is positive, the report will state the bonus the player will receive every 20 min. Then, you will be able to see the casualties, the survivors and the enlisted. Finally, after every turn, you will be able to evaluate the best disposition to win over the enemies.

To simulate truce periods that occured between one battle and the other, the game has 2 breaks of 2 hours each for every day. During this time frames, it will not be possible to engage battles, but rewards for missions are doubled. These breaks happen at random every day.

You will never be able to conquer all the world of Prosperity, since it will be against historical truth. So, in order to keep the balance, once the player conquers an object on the map, the Pope or the Emperor will get the least valuable objects of that player.