FAQ – Who is the Herald? What is he in charge of?

Prosperity is based on the possible development of dynamics and actions of the main four Masters. Today we will look into what the Herald is in charge.

Historical background

The herald had military functions, being experienced and cultured on escutcheon (family crests), because of his attendance to tournaments. When weapons were more detailed, the herald started stopping by nobles, while historically wandering around as messengers, facilitated by immunity. He covered both civil and military roles, such as compiling lists of crests, keeping the noble books. Then, they were like referees during tournaments. They took part to solemn ceremonies and were diplomats with foreign kings. They worked as messengers when war was declared or for forced surrender.
They belonged to noble families or became noble once they became herald. They swore to their job and they formed an association that elected a king of arms.

In Prosperity – Italy 1434, click on the Heral icon and you will see several menus and functions. Let’s go through them:

Click on the first icon, you find the list of all the Heralds available, among whom you can choose who hire. Wage, name and the degree of his integrity. After you picked one, the panel will change, showing our Herald’s details: name, age, quality, his personal treasure and his monthly wage (pls note: 1 month in the game is 1 day in real life).

Foto 31-08-15 10 30 41

The second icon shows even more details about your herald, accoding to his skills, listed one by one.

  • Looking for suitors for the nobles in the village (main skill for alliances, pls check the article HERE).Foto 31-08-15 10 31 04
  • Recruit noblemen
    (this skill helps increasing the value of your city)Foto 31-08-15 10 31 10

The level of experience of the Herald has influence on the positive outcome of his actions. The more he will work (e.g. participating into missions depending on him), the faster his level of experience will rise, increasing the possibility of accomplishing the tasks assigned to him.Foto 31-08-15 10 30 52

The third icon shows the commercial routes that our city has established, specifically indicating the name of every city and the kind of diplomatic relationship (positive or negative) with its specific degree (da 0 a 20000).

Foto 31-08-15 10 31 43

The fourth icon shows the possible alliances established. If we had unmarried noblemen and women in our city, the panel would show their names and would give us the possibility to find an adequate partner for them.
(For further reference, pls check HERE).

Foto 31-08-15 10 32 02

The fifth icon opens a panel that allows you to vote for the player we would like to elect during the election period.

Foto 31-08-15 10 32 10

The last icon, instead, shows you the weekly list of all players. You can improve your position, increasing your Prosperity Points.

Foto 31-08-15 10 32 18

Now you know all you need to know about the Herald. Get into Prosperity to test your knowledge.

Enjoy your battles!