Fortress !!

After a couple of months spent balancing end stabilizing, our game client, we are happy to announce that there are several developments lines on the road!

Awaiting the release of the test version of Mercantia, which is going to happen soon, here you have a few heads up related to Prosperity:

Families will fight each other to get their natural fortress: a castle with a village that will provide bonuses to all family members in ascending order.

2016-06-06 22_34_44-Prosperity

How will it work?
Simple! Every 15th of the month the family rankings will reset to zero, so that everyone will be able to start at the same level.

At the end of the 15th day of the next month, the family who got more points, will have on the map its own fortress.

The fortress will be protected from attacks and will contain shops accessible only to family members, with special offers and best available rates.

The fortress will be owned by the family that owns the symbol, and will start from level one.
Whenever the family will be first in the monthly ranking, we’ll add new bonuses to the fortress. Soon we will give you more updates … stay tuned!

Ega staff