Party at EGA: a lucky player is awarded!

Resolution and passion are always the main ingredients for success. Following this path, EGA today parties 10.000 download of its newborn, “Prosperity – Italy 1434″.  The player that achieved this result was awarded a packet of 60.000 Golden Florin, to celebrate this event. EGA contacted the guy, Salvatore from Catania area, and sent him a virtual parchment to remember this achievement.


This award is just a symbol to thank Salvatore and all the other players that in almost 6 months demonstrated interest downloading the game and participating to Prosperity – Italy 1434, besides following all the social profiles to be updated on the latest news.

I am positive that this is only one of the several steps that players will help EGA to achieve. EGA thanks fondly all of you and wishes you to enjoy your battles until next objective!