Prosperity 1.5 – Max # of hunters, spies and assassins introduced

Despite all the issues that happend at EGA lately, we are still improving our game. Prospertiy is, indeed, ready to welcome a new update, concerning the city structure on the maps. In order to make this happen, we had to review the management of population, as well as the dynamics for territory expansion.

As our players know very well, Prosperity is a game that cares about historical reality: this is the reason why we decided to introduce a max limit of spies, assassins and hunters hired by every player. In detail:

  • 40 HUNTERS
  • 20 SPIES

All players that at present have a number that exceeds this limit, will see them reduced to the max number indicated above. All men taken because in excess, will be replaced by money added to the treasure of every player.

At the moment, the max limit is valid only for the categories mentioned above, but before the 1.5 update, this limit will be extended to armed fources as well.

Enjoy your battles