Prosperity is now available in stores, in a completely updated version

The new version of Prosperity-Italy 1434, updated in graphics and contents, is now available.

Prosperity came back on your favorite platforms, completely different from the game you were used to: new graphics, new logics and new cities.
The game, during its first year of life, has been downloaded from Italy to America and to the Nordic countries, too.
In this period, a lot of players contacted EGA, helping to review and improve the app. Improvement works started immediately and after months of hard work and programming Prosperity returns completely different: the game map has been redrawn, just like the panels. The masters number has been reduced from four to two; it has been included the auction house, so players have the opportunity to choose and fight for old and nobles families since their first log in.
Players can still handle their armies, by accepting missions on the map that are detectable thanks to flashing exclamation marks. They will have to handle their personal assets by using it in the purchase of equipment or using it for auctions. Plants and factories will provide materials indispensable for some kinds of mission. Players can compete between them by fighting for cities and possessions, but they will compete in a double chart too: in the general one and in a chart where all the players of a same family are included.
So new Prosperity includes: broadened boundaries, new cities added, new kinds of mission and much more. The game is now available and its downloading is free; If you have the old version of Prosperity, you can just delete it and download the new one.
We’ll publish some guide articles, as we did for the previous version. For every doubts, warnings or advices you can contact us on our Facebook page.