Prosperity Italy – 1434: most recent updates

The adventure of Prosperity – Italy 1434 continues developing day by day. Our staff works to improve the results and the game experience. This is what the latest updates are about::

  • Battles: a new way of calculating the minor/major casualties during battles was set. Criteria are armour and equipment of every single armed force. For every part that is missing from the armoury (you can check in the Master’s of Arm panel -> Equipment) 1% is added to the total casualties in case of victory.
  • Armour Shops: Armour shops are the first step into the new businesses in Prosperity. Now, in the main cities, inventories of armours available and its cost will vary daily, in order players to buy them at best price. Coming soon: Weapon and raw material shops.
  • Personal Treasure: If you want to buy Golden Florin, you can do it by visiting the banks of the main cities. The number of golden Florin per packet increased sensibly per packet:
    – Small Packet: 10.000
    – Medium Packet: 25.000
    – Big Packet: 60.000
  • Missions: A new link that sends the player directly to the selected city was added to help players completing spy missions and beginning of diplomatic relationship.

  • Special Events: Spying cities gives the info regarding the possible appearance of special guests in the cities.
  • Assassin Missions: Assassin missions are now active. These missions are addressed to players with a minimum of  1000 Prosperity points.
    Last position of the targets will appear when opening mission. You have to send your assassins to try killing them. Every failed attempt will give the target 50% of possibility to flee in a surrounding city. The probability of killing the target is strictly linked to the level of your assassins. Send assassins during observation and spy missions to increase this level. Furthermore, in case you need info, there is a special market in Montelupo Fiorentinothat can update you on the latest destinations of two famous characters at random.



  • Events in the game: A local funfair and five caravans with goods are roaming around the main cities in Prosperity. Send your hunters to observe them closer, to get the Prosperity bonus. The funfair is moving every 90 minutes. At the end of this time, bonuses are assigned to players that participated. The event can be repeated for all players every 90 minutes.
  • Mercenaries: Solved the bug regarding how to hire mercenaries: they are correctly released after the natural expiry date of the contract.
  • Master Economous: Maintenance cost of the army are now organized as follows:
    1 Copper Coin – every archer;
    3 Copper Coins – every archibugier;
    3 Copper Coins – every light Infantry Unit;
    8 Copper Coins – every heavy Infantry Unit;
    3 Copper Coins – every light Cavalry Unit;
    10 Copper Coins – every heavy Cavalry Unit;
    1 Copper Coin – every lancer;
    1 Copper Coin – every crossbowman;
    1 Copper Coin – every sapper;
    10 Copper Coins – every assassin;
    1 Copper Coin – every hunter;
    1 Copper Coin – every spy;
    You will find the entries directly in the daily records of the Economous.
  • Defense system in the cities: A multiplier was added for the global main forces. It multiplies defense forces until a max of twice. This change includes all objects of the map.
    The multiplier works for every single city: this way defenses change every hour according to the size of the city. Now sending spies is essential!
    The real killing system of the war casualties started. Now lost troops are really subtracted from the player.
    Siege weapons indure a damage between 5% – 10% of every battle, according to the type of weapon itself. Furthermore the daily maintenance cost that you will see in your daily record.

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