Prosperity – Italy 1434 – The Missions

the_missionsPlayers will come in contact with a wide range of historical events while playing. Up to them to participate into those missions, or let the events happen, without contributing to them.

The Medici family takes control of Florence!
In 1434 the Medici family are elected the new Lords of Florence, exiling all opponents – the Albizi and Strozzi families. The reign of the Medici in Florence begins with Cosimo the Elder.
Pope Eugene IV is on the run!
The Colonna family of Rome facilitates the restoration of an autonomous communal government, and for this reason the Pope is forced to flee into exile in May 1434. He was helped by the Florentines, arriving in Florence on June 23rd.

Ancona is conquered!
Between 1433 and 1435 Francesco Sforza is the commander of the Milanese army against the State of the Church. He conquers Ancona, in the process obtaining the title of vicar of the city of Pope Eugene IV.

New world frontiers!
In 1434 the Portuguese reestablish the geographical confines of the world through Cape Bojador. The explorer who completed this challenge, after ten years of attempts, was Gil Eanes under the incentives of Prince Henry the Navigator.

Amerigo Corsini dies!
On March 18th the first archbishop of Florence, Amerigo Corsini, dies. Under his episcopacy the town of Florence had been elevated to an archdiocese.

Ardicino della Porta dies!
On April 9th the cardinal Ardicino della Porta dies in Rome. He was a contributor to the election of Pope Eugene IV.

Luigi d’Angiò III dies!
On November 12th the king of Naples, Luigi d’Angiò III, dies in Cosenza from malaria.

Leon Battista Alberti writes “The Books of the Family!”
 Between 1433 and 1434 Leon Battista Alberti begins writing his Books of the Family, a work about the behaviors of modern bourgeois families compared to those of ancient nobility.

Niccolò Cusano is invited to Regensburg!
The religious Niccolò Cusano is invited to Regensburg in 1434 as a legate to the Council of Diet of Regensburg with Johannes Nider.

Jackdraw publishes his treaties on engineering!
In 1433 Mariano di Jacopo, also known as Jackdraw, completes his treatise ‘De Ingeneis’ and publishes ‘De Machini’. Great innovations arrive in the field of general engineering and also in siege weapons, in part thanks to Jackdraw.

The Chinese fleet lands in Venice and Florence!
According to some conjectures, in 1434 the Chinese arrive in Italy, bringing gifts to Pope Eugene IV – among which are documents on their nautical and astronomical knowledge. These documents sparked the desire to extend the geographical boundaries set by scholars and navigators, among which was Christopher Columbus.

Filippo Brunelleschi is arrested!
Filippo Brunelleschi is arrested for his decision to not pay the entry fee for the Guild of Masters of Wood and Stone of Florence. He is subsequently released thanks to the intervention of the Opera of the Duomo. In the meantime, his adoptive son Andrea Cavalcanti, also known as Buggiano, flees to Naples with his possessions. He returns only by papal intercession and the two reconcile.