Prosperity – Italy 1434: War and Peace

In the coming days a new update will be released: we are waiting the release on iOS and later on Android, here we explain what will change:

For a long time some players asked us the possibility to defend the newly conquered city, although the honor and reputation points are awarded based on achievement and not to the city seal. But EGA is always attentive to the demands of its players and then we added these new features:

On the board, so, you will find these cities:


The symbols in white indicate that the city is in a under protection by the player who has conquared It.
By selecting the city, in place of the feature “attacks”, will come out a message that indicates how long the city is protected from attacks by other players.


Question: How does the time of protection work?
Answer: A scale of protection has been created based on the level of the players in their family. To help new players, those lower level will take the longest protection.

Player Level Time of Protection Reputatuin gained
1 24 h 48 Personal Point – 24 Family Point
2 12 h 24 Personal Point – 12 Family Point
3 6 h 12 Personal Point – 6 Family Point
4 3 h 6 Personal Point – 3 Family Point
> 4 0 0 Personal Point – 0 Family Point

Player level – Reputation – Time of protection – reputatuin gained
Question: what happens if multiple attacks are sent to the same free city what happens?

The attack which come first:

– Conquers the city;
– Takes the reputation points and family points due to him;
– Get the protection of the city;

The second attack onwards:
– Takes the reputation and family points due to him;

Question: how much is the gain if I have a secure city?
Answer: Every hour 2 points of personal reputation , 1 point of family reputation and 4 gold florins are bestowed.

With this update we are doing our best to suit the many players demand. It will still not be possible, however, to defend the city ( this was another request we received) because that would kill the weaker players, which could no longer play. We prefer to balance the game, giving the opportunity to all to participate and have fun.

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