Prosperity presents its new update

As our players know very well, Prosperity never stops. After a further test and research period, we are ready to present you the second major update of the game, shortly available in your stores.



  • Features:
    New changes in game interfaces and new explanation charts of the game dynamics in the tutorial.
  • Entries:
    – Cities will now have their own reputations;
    – 150 new conquerable objects;
    – New graphic elements;
    – Conquer zones devoted to players;
    – Raw materials introduced (food, cereal, wood, stone and clay) to be used in support missions in the cities.
  • Dynamics:
    – Weather events, plagues, fires and riots will modify life in all game map.
    – The main cities declare war with cruel battles to expand their boundaries.
    – It will be possible to give orders, make decisions, send special missions through dialogues with NPG available tin the cities and in the players’ villages;
    – Buy and sell weapons, armours and resources will make new merchants;

Last but not least, several bugs regarding battles, movement and game interfaces will be corrected.


We wait for you in Prosperity to test the new update. In case you are not part of the EGA family, yet, we remind you that you can find us on PC, Apple Store and Google Play.