Prosperity wins ltalia Medievale Award

Last Saturday, on November 28, EGA took part to the Italia Medievale Award ceremony. Italia Medievale is an association founded with the aim of promoting and enhancing the historical and artistic heritage of Italian Middle Ages.


The award

« Staying true to the reasons for which the cultural association Italia Medievale was born, it established the Prize ©Italia Medievale to assign an annual recognition to individuals, institutions and private businesses who distinguished themselves in the promotion and enhancement of our country medieval heritage. With such an initiative we want to concretely support the efforts of all those who, like us, work for the re-discovery and re-birth of an era, for anything dark and barbaric, as too often believed. At the same time, we aimed at expanding our fanbase and offering, to the less perceptive or interested, the chance to get in touch directly, and in a more accessible way, to this age. » (

The Italia Medievale Award 12th edition ceremony and the Philobiblon 10th edition, a literary prize for unpublished short stories Middle Ages freely inspired, were held at the Urban Center in the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery in Milan at 5 p.m.

Premio Italia medievale 15The 2015 Italia Medievale Award registered a new polling record with more than 23,000 votes received through the form published on their website, on the Italian monthly issue Medioevo, emails, faxes and text messages. In almost every category, the fight was head-to-head until the last voting days, reflecting the candidates’ popularity and the outstanding quality of each of them.
During the event, the winners had the opportunity of presenting their activities to the public, so Prosperity too had the chance to get in touch with a new audience who shares with the award organizers and the EGA team the same Middle Ages passion and an interest for everything Italian.

The satisfaction and excitement are just some of the feelings readily apparent in the room and EGA Team will treasure this sweet memory forever. We thank Italia Medievale who nominated us for this acknowledgement and we definitely cannot forget our fans and players who supports us and believes in our project as much as we do.

We are proud of this achievement, of this amazing experience and of each one of you who made it possible.

Thank you so much!

The EGA Team