Prosperity – Italy 1434 – The elections

the_electionsTHE ELECTIONS – Elections occur approximately every 15 days and are held by secret ballot. They allow for the selection of a chief Papal and Empirical representative. If the player opts to remain neutral, s/he may abstain from voting or alternatively cast a vote without incurring in any modification to their reputation, as many dynamics of the game will be influenced by election outcomes and power holdings.

An initial vote will determine the Abbotts and Allods among all players, representatives of the Papacy and Empire, respectively.

The two will gain territorial control to a greater extent than before and a second election will follow between the Abbotts and Allods who will elect a mayor and a bishop.

These elected officials will have the honor and responsibility of overseeing all of the cities within their faction. The neutral villages and cities will be subject to the influence of the mayor and bishop according to various factors, among which geographic location.

Even in this case, our historians note that the player will not fulfill the job or assume the symbolic value of the position, but simply carry out predominant and supervisory tasks. The idea came about by referring to the ancient roles mentioned, and also due to the fact that the political or ecclesiastical personalities of the time were elected by popular acclaim regardless of whether or not they had the necessary prerequisites to take on the role!.