Prosperity – Italy 1434 – The Factions

stemmi_piccoliFACTIONS – In Prosperity, the player will be sought after by the two greatest ancient forces: the Papacy and the Empire, both, of course, holding enormous wealth, militias, and privileges which they were willing to impart on their loyal subjects. Players will be able to choose whether to build their reputation on the Papacy or Empire, or to attempt neutrality in order to avoid visits from their rival army.

Neutrality can be achieved by accepting as many Papal missions as Imperial ones, but it will also be necessary to gauge the reputation of your allies! The most loyal players will be awarded with knighthood, thus becoming part of the powerful and elite papal or imperial order. In fact Pope Eugene IV was also the leader of the Supreme Order of Christ, rising from the ashes of the Templar Knights in Portugal while Sigismund of Luxemburg founded the Order of the Dragon in 1409, a purely military order. Our historians, however, point out that relations between the Papacy and Empire were not as harsh as they appear in the game. This choice was made to simplify the social hierarchy of the time and allow even the most inexperienced players to fully enjoy the diplomatic dynamics of the time. One of the greatest innovations of Prosperity are the game elections. Indeed all players may vote and be elected for increased power; this factor was inserted into the game to reward the efforts of individuals in the construction of their city, giving them more power and responsibility.