Prosperity – Italy 1434 – The Masters


MASTERS – Each Master under your rule will be of noble ranking and by paying him you will ensure his services for life, or until he is dismissed. In either case, it is in your best interest to oversee his conduct as he, like any person of the time, may reveal himself to be inept or corrupted by someone who is jealous of your prosperity!

From the moment you secure his services, each Master will grow professionally, becoming ever-more skilled and capable in facilitating your rise to power.
Once the time has come to select a new nobleman, you may choose from a list of eager contenders or, if you are lucky, you may pass on the role from father to son.

The Treasurer will economo_piccolobe responsible for managing all that is your territory, your possessions, and your resources, observing the needs of your village or town.

He will obtain necessary items through purchase or barter, he will construct new and important buildings, collect taxes from the people, and all other Masters will be required to ask him for money in order to finance projects that you will order them to implement.


The Master of arms is an experienced expert in recruiting and training new troops. He will decide what style of combat to implement and how to best arm your soldiers.

He will choose from the many historical armors and weapons available in the shops of blacksmiths at the time. With his help you will have a specialized army with various abilities, which will be instrumental in successfully completing the game’s missions and building your reputation. You will select the best soldier and have him become a Champion for tournaments organized by the papal and imperial guilds!

The termcerusico_piccoloCerusico” derives from the Greek words ‘Cheir’ and ‘Ergon’, which translate respectively to Hand and Labor; in fact the Cerusico was someone who utilized his hands during the Middle Ages in the field of medicine, while attempting to cure and operate under entirely inadequate hygienic conditions. 

Often this figure coincided with that of a barbarian! Having a Cerusico on your service means, all in all, ensuring medical treatment for your people and your troops, but more importantly, finding quick remedies to plagues and other various epidemics that will severely threaten your prosperity!


The Herald is a fundamental figure in diplomatic relationships among Nobility of the time.

The Herald was responsible for the family coat of arms, created according to precise and rigorous heraldic cannons, through which families and warriors were recognized both on and off the battlefield. During the Middle Ages the Herald was therefore a manager of the basic and fundamental social relations of the Lord, critical in forging and maintaining alliances necessary to receive aid in times of famine and war.