The world of ‘Prosperity – Italy 1434’ is opening its doors!

The world of ‘Prosperity – Italy 1434’ is opening its doors!
Role game players, time has come! Waiting is over! After months of tough work and endless days waiting, finally the Stores gave the go!

Prosperity – Italy 1434 will be actually released on 27 January 2015 and it will be available for download starting from 10.00 am (Italian time)

A welcome kit for players is available, including: 30 archers; 15 crossbowmen, 25 light cavalrymen, 5 heavy cavalrymen, 30 light infantrymen, 10 heavy infantrymen, 10 lancers… and even more! 1 spy, 1 assassin and 5 hunters. Furthermore, every player will receive 50 golden florin as a gift.

This is the welcome packet that Entertainment Game Apps. Inc. will give to all its new subscribers, in order them to be able to play and have fun with a little advantage at the beginning of the game.

Thank you very much again for your contribution Wishing you a pleasant experience and a lot of ‘Prosperity’

Enjoy your game!
The Staff Entertainment Game Apps. Inc.