“Prosperity – Italy 1434” – Tutorial

Player Sign-up

Players can sign-up in two different ways:
– through Facebook – the system signs the player up on an application on the server, and by default it automatically registers the device used and its language.
– classic method, that is creating an account that will be then confirmed and activated via email. Once the player is registered, they have to choose their personal shield using the herald standards proposed by the system.
The Map
The map chosen for the game is taken directly from an original geographical map of the time, then graphically edited and divided into 49 sectors. All players registerd on the server application are distributed evenly in every sector, in order to leave enough and equal space for everybody at the centre of the map. This criteria helps giving a fair distance and equivalence between territories and object availability on the map.

The original map

The edit map

The game interface
You can open and close the menu, while clicking on your shield, to leave more space on the map.
The icons on the player menu are divided on two rows: the lower ones, smaller, and the upper ones, bigger and represented by male faces, the Masters.


The Masters of Prosperity are the most important characters of the game! Without them, all functions linked to the Masters disappear. Actually, when a Master is not hired, his functions are not available, either.
The player”s first task, as a commander of their own village, is to hire all Masters. Each of them receives a monthly wage, that will be daily taken out from the player”s personal treasure.
The characteristics of every Master indicate the potential development of each of them, according to the progression in experience: the more experience, the more abilities unblocked, depeding on the level of experience of every Master.
Master of Arms (1) is in charge of the armed forces of the village. According to his experience and level, he daily hires new troops and trains them in the different battle techniques.
The Master Economist or Economist (2) is in charge, instead, of the finance of his capital. While he is focused on welcoming new farmers, he daily gets rid of the dead ones, too. Everyday he will send reports on his activities, the finance balance, the farmers, taxes and how much all buildings and every other single element are built in the village.
The Barber-Surgeon (3): thanks to the knowledge intake on medicinal plants and medieval herbs, he will be able to receive a bonus in every action the player will do on the map.
He will be able to acquire and increase the value in battlefield and the defences of the village, while reading the 5 Books, scattered in the various convents and monasteries on the map.
The Herald (4) is the most extravangant Master. He is in charge of expanding his borders and to start new alliances, through weddings between the Nobles that are present in all villages of the various players.
The alliances, besides earning golden florin, will bring benefits to all the community, avoiding useless wars.

The action bar below the Masters” one manages:
Return to the castle (5): anywhere you are on the map, clicking this key, you will immediately back to your castle;
Missions (6): this list is currently updated with all missions available;
Alliances (7): here is the list of all the alliances started by the Herald indicating the Nobles that got married;
Inventory (8): some objects, besides being able to be bought and/or sold, they can also be used to take advantage of their properties.
Messages (9): all communications among all players, their alliances and the Masters are managed through tasks, some of which will require and will wait for an answer from the player.
Client Settings (10): if the sound is too loud, if you want to read this tutorial again, or if you want to disconnect one account and register with a new one, this is where you have to click.
The popolution of Prosperity
The population in all villages in Prosperity is divided between Lower Class and Middle Class.
Every Class goes through the statistics of life expectancy and death rate of 1434.
A day in Prosperity is a month on the server, so, while the year is set on 1434, this allows the player to see how a character progresses in their life, to come to the age to work, and to marry (for the Middle Class).
The missions in Prosperity are divided into several categories:
Delivery: the player must send a convoy from his village towards the two cities selected on the map. This kind of mission does not have any cost to be launched, and their success is granted.
Resource Research: after accepting them, you have to buy the specific quantity of resources object of the mission. You must use the shops in the village. The monks exclusively possess some herbs and/or potions, so, while you are looking for them, you will have to search in the various churches and abbeys scattered on the map.
Spy: in these missions you must send Spying forces (Hunters, Spies or Assassins) towards the objective. Their success is determined by several causes, such as the level of the Master of Arms and the number of men sent. If the mission fails, it can be repeated several times.
Establishing new diplomatic relationships: during these missions, observation forces are sent towards the objective, using the (Huners, Spies and Assassins). Their success is determined by several causes.
Attack: During these missions, an attack on an objective chosen by the server is launched. In case the attack fails, the mission can be launched again.
Conquest: these missions foresee a conquest for an object chosen by the server. Even in this case, if the conquest fails, it can be repeated.
Historical: these missions imply the payment of an amount of money, in exchange of reputation and Prosperity.
Online: these missions will be launched by the Game Master and will give awards realtime. These events will be launched and advertised through Facebook with a 5-hour notice.
Managing the inventory
The objects bought can be found in the player”s inventory; the plants and potions can be used and sold again; the weapons and armours bought cannot be seen in the inventory, because they are part of the weapons and armours bonus.
Some objects can be redeemed with a code given by the Game Master, or the tech support. The armed force packets, instead, must be used, in order to use their content.

Master of Arms
The Master of Arms is in charge of the armed forces: troops recruit, attacks, spy and defense will be possible, only if he is hired.
Here the player can check the wage and the personal treasure of the Master. He can be dismissed, freeing his spot.

Here you find the list of all the Master”s of Arms skills

Here you can find the list of all the armed forces of your player: the hired Mercenary Companies hired will be available on this panel.

Here you can find all the Mercenary Companies currently available. They can be hired to fight on the player”s side. Once you select a Company, you have to wait its arrival into your village, from the city where it is working.

Here you can find all the different kind of weapons and armour that the player bought in the several shops on the map, and all of those the player gave to the Master of Arms. The higher the percentage, the higher the benefit and the advantage during battle.
The Economist
The Economist of the village daily recruits farmers, both of Low and Middle class (only when he reaches a specific Prosperity, on), besides collecting Taxes from the village.
His duty is also to hire masons and workers to build all structures and constructions and he must oversee and manage these projects. Finally, he must write every day a report with all the expenses and income, both from the business and from the military actions and missions.

Here the player can check the wage and the personal treasure of the Master. He can be dismissed, freeing his spot.
Here you find the list of all the Master”s The Economist skills
This is the list of all the buildings of the village. Every now and then, Master The Economist will send messages to update the player on the progress of all constructions, that will be then seen in the player”s village.
Here you find the list of all taxes and corresponding tax rates. If you want to modify one, you simply need to select it, change the percentages and then go back to the previous screenshot.

This is the daily report of income and expenses. PLS NOTE: if the report goes negative (you are broke), you will lose all farmers in the village, your troops will leave, and all Masters will resign.
The Barber-Surgeon
The Barber-Surgeon of the village has several tasks, including all that concerns knowledge on medicinal herbs and plants to cure and to reinvigorate. This is a very important skill, especially during defence and attack actions on objectives.

Differently from all other Masters, The Barber-Surgeon”s skills are acquired through reading the Books of Knowledge. There are 5 books, two common ones, two rare ones and the rarest one. Their cost and their acquisition change according to the level of difficulty of the book itself.

To read a book, you need to open the inventory and use the book.
Here the player can check the wage and the personal treasure of the Master. He can be dismissed, freeing his spot.
Here you find the list of all the Master”s Barber-Surgeon skills.
Here you find the state of reading of the 5 Books of Knowledge.
The Herald
The Herald is the Master that establishes relationship and connections within the players. The commercial routes open with the big cities available on the map are directly reachable thanks to the careful attention of the Herald.
Thanks to him, new Noblemen can reach the villages. Among his skills, he allows weddings between Noblemen from different players. Finally, not for importance, the Herald is in charge of managing the new Mayor and the new Bishop of the server, that will be awarded fame, glory and missions of particular difficulty.

Here the player can check the wage and the personal treasure of the Master. He can be dismissed, freeing his spot.
Here you find the list of all the Master”s Herald skills.
List of the open commercial routes: here you can search and quickly reach a befriend place.
Weddings: it is possible to look for and give as spouse a Noblewoman from your village to the suitable suitors. Unmarried women range an age between 12 and 25 years old, while men start being able to marry at the age of 14 on. Noblemen marry among each other, so, until there will not be a young nobleman available, women will be on their family”s responsibility and so, on the player.
Elections: in this screen elections for the Mayor and for the Bishop will be announced and players will find the list of candidates. Then, you will only need to cast a vote and the one who will receive the majority of votes will be the Mayor or the Bishop of the server. All players that will participate to their elections will get huge advantages.
– The best way to start playing is engaging in delivery missions. They do not have any cost and they guarantee a set reward at the end. To participate into these missions, you only need to accept them: send a delivery convoy the soonest and only when it will return, the mission reward will be added to the player”s treasure;
– Taking part into delivery missions and material rescue, will guarantee you reputation with the various groups;
– In order to start commercial business with a city, you have to send some observation units (Hunters, Spies, Assassins), selecting the city and pressing the key ;
– To observe and spy on the defense system of a bulding and of a city on the map, you must send some observation units (Hunters, Spies, Assassins), selecting the target and pressing the key ;
– Sometimes (especially the first days of the game) cities could reject your emissaries. This depends on the low level of the Economist and/or the Herald. Missions will result as pending, you will only need to try again;
– Be careful! Losing your treasure will result in losing all troops and all farmers will leave your village;
– To attack a building or a city on the map you need to select it on the map and press , deciding the number of attack forces to send there;
– To conquer a building or a city on the map, you must select it and press , deciding the number of attack forces to send there;
– Conquering objects on the map guarantees every hour Prosperity and golden Florin to the owner;
– Continously attackin the same group (Papal or Imperial ) will have at some point severe consequences from the opposite group;
– Using a huge number of men while attacking a small target is counter-productive: high war costs for a thin loot;
– The Barber-Surgeon”s skills allow to lose a smaller number of men than usual;
– The best way to find and hire Spies and Assassins is visiting the taverns in the cities;
– To use an object you bought, you need to select it from the inventory and press;
– The Master of Arms has with him a list of the Mercenary Companies that can be hired;
– The Mercenary Companies have a daily extra cost: if you hire too many but you will not use them will cost a lot on your personal treasure;
– Buying and equipping weapons and armour will allow the soldiers to loose a smaller number of men and to become stronger than ever;
– Raising taxes too much will cause unhappiness in the population: farmers could also decide to abandon your village;
– Medicinal herbs and Books of the Barber-Surgeon will be mainly available in the various churches and convents on the map.

The Staff
Prosperity Italy 1434 is released by Entertainment Game Apps, Inc.

Project Leader
Maurizio Amoroso – Brahne

Historical Content
Valentina Nastasi – Ahral
Annalisa Alberti
Sara Orlando

Weapon and Armour specialist
Matteo Wirklichkeit Astolfi – François
Marco Boldrini – Istvàn

Web and Social Marketing
Susanna Moglia
Ginevra Suraci

Valentina Lauria – Ivien
Eleonora Pedrieri
Clizia Brozzesi
Edoardo Micheli – Edrick

Antonio Federico
Jobbe 3.14 soundesign
Andrea Giachini

Video and Photo Producer
AUTT Production

Chiara Cucinotta

Francesca Bocci
Jessica Volpe

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